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Los Angeles historic property survey means good things for Westchester


A plan to survey Los Angeles historic property on the west side, including the Westchester community, should mean good things for properties in those neighborhoods, said Bruno Pisano, a real estate agent in Los Angeles.

“In general, neighborhoods that are identified as historic and historic structures in those communities enjoy increased property values. People like to live in places and homes which are specifically identified as historic,” he said.

He pointed to a report from the Los Angeles Conservancy,, which states in part:

“Study after study across the nation has conclusively demonstrated that historic designation and the creation of historic districts actually increase property values. Why? In part because historic designation gives a neighborhood or an individual historic site a caché that sets it apart from ordinary properties. Many buyers also seek out the unique qualities and ambiance of a historic property. Historic district designation gives potential homebuyers two rare and economically valuable assurances: that the very qualities that attracted them to their neighborhood will endure over time, and that they can safely reinvest in sensitive improvements to their home without fear that their neighbor will undermine this investment with a new “monster home” or inappropriate new development.”

The area is recovering nicely from the recent housing crash as well, Mr. Pisano said. This means LA historic property home values there are reasonable right now. Property owners can expect to get a decent return and people looking for buy can probably find a bargain too.

“As the LA historic property survey study grows and the information is made public and becomes official, I expect property values to rise even more. This means now is the time to buy a home in Westchester,” he said.

The work is part of a larger effort to survey LA entirely. According to the Office of Historic Resources, only about 15 percent of the city has been surveyed.

The LA historic property survey is being conducted by the Office of Historic Resources. The people doing the survey will drive and walk through neighborhoods taking pictures and gathering information from the public right-of-way.

“These people are just gathering information, public information,” Mr. Pisano said. “They are not going to harass anyone or demand access to a private home. If someone comes up and claims to be part of the survey and wants to come into your home, they are scammers. The legit researchers may later call with questions, but they will identify themselves and let you call them back as proof.”

For more information contact the Office of Historic Resources, call 213-978-1191.

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