“Discover how to find the perfect home or get your property sold in 39 days or less…. or get paid $1,000 cash if it doesn’t happen”


If this is what you’re looking for, then…


“Here’s your chance to let the No. 1 real estate agent in Los Angeles get YOU the end result you want, whether you’re buying, selling or just interested”




Hi, my name is Bruno Pisano, known in the industry as “The Best” real estate agent in the Los Angeles area.


For most people that may seem like a big accomplishment.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m honored to excel and to be able to deliver the results that all the other agents can’t, but to be honest with you, my success, which, if you choose me as your real estate agents is attributed to three things that my mother taught me a long time ago:


Reason # 1: I listen to what you want


Reason # 2: I live by the most important rule in business: Honesty


Reason # 3: I deliver fast results


Now if any of these things is what you’re looking for in a real estate agent, whether you’re looking to purchase property or if you’re trying to sell your property, I’m the one and ONLY person you’ll ever need to get the result you desire.


But please don’t just take “my” word for it….


Just read what Julie Tangstad had to say about her experience using my services:


“I made the best investment of my life, and that was possible because of Bruno! Bought a house a couple of years ago with his help, he just sold it for a HUGE profit, and he helped me buy the house of my dreams in which I live now.

Thanks Bruno!



Ok, ok, I know that what you just read sounds awesome, especially if YOU can get those kind of results, but perhaps the question you may be or should be asking yourself is…Why does Bruno want me to know how he has helped others?
Let’s be dead honest with each other: I can “say” anything that I want, I can make all kinds of outrageous claims and whatnots, but at the end of the day, you don’t know me and I don’t know you…and since I believe in results, there’s no better way to prove it than by letting you see the results for yourself.


With that said,


I’m giving you a free invitation to come into my office and look through my books, my sales with client names, numbers and any other reference material you need dating all the way back to 2001


That’s right, unlike most real estate agents, I’m willing to open all aspects of my life as an agent to you, where you’re free to check, double check, and recheck any and everything about me….and I promise you that everything can and will be verified.


You see,


I have a reputation for quickly selling houses that no one else can sell


I have a reputation for finding the perfect property when other agents can’t seem to get exactly what you want


I have a reputation for being the absolute best in the Los Angeles area


In fact,


I pinky promise that I’ll go above and beyond the call of duty to get the end result you want & desire


There’s no denying that the credit crunch has changed the face of mortgage lending and homes for sale in Los Angeles, creating mass confusion and panic.


As a matter of fact, many mortgage types are no longer available and many new ones have been created.


People, maybe even you, no longer know where to get the best mortgage or who to trust, so, the pool of buyers has dramatically been decreased.


But the good news for you today is that….



There is an answer…



You see, most people just wish, hope, and pray that they are making the right decisions when they sell their home because they do not know the insider mortgage secrets that I do.


These sellers are likely to make mistakes that can cost them tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars. Please DON’T let this happen to you!


A skilled real estate professional, such as myself, knows how to list, market and sell your home even in times like these.


I’m the go-to guy for buying and or selling:


ü     Homes


ü     Condos


ü     Investment property


ü     Apartments for rent


ü     Foreclosed homes


ü     Townhomes


ü     Duplexes


ü     Fixer uppers


And more!


But again, please don’t just take me at “my” word.



Compare the benefits of my real estate service apples to apples with everyone else’s…



Other agents

Bruno Pisano

Top price for your property

Not in this type of market


Guarantee sale in 39 days or less

Who would take such a risk?


Communication Guarantee

Seldom speak – always busy


Innovative marketing campaigns

Not current with web tech


Caring for your needs

Maybe at the beginning


Aggressive representation

It’s still a buyers market…


Testimonials found everywhere

Not tech savvy




As you can see, my real estate services are hands down the absolute best way to go.


But perhaps the best part about it is that…


I’ll pay you $1,000 if I don’t deliver results, regardless of if the housing market is in the dumps….



Unlike most real estate agents, I believe in putting my money where my mouth is.


You see, I know and understand where you are right now, whether you’re buying or selling, the bottom line is that you want results.


Here’s my guarantee to you: If I don’t sell your property or find you the property you really want in 39 days or less, then I’ll give you $1,000 in cold hard cash as compensation.


There’s no catch, there’s no fine print, just an honest guarantee that can ONLY benefit you!


There are only 2 results you’ll receive with me….


Result #1: You’ll find/sell your property in 39 days or less regardless of what shape the housing market is in


Result #2: You’ll earn $1,000 in free money from me to you


If any of these 2 results is something you can walk away feeling good about, then there’s something you absolutely MUST do RIGHT NOW:



Give me a call today at (213) 842-0774